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This page is dedicated to telling you about us. Co-Owner/Machinist Michael "Red" Persinger has crafted precision machined parts for twenty-five years. He is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Machining Technology Assoc.
R & D Precision Machining is modern facility with state of the art CNC milling and turning centers.

R & D's assets include:
**High speed CNC equipment with automatic tool changers for quick turnaround
**Higher precision and greater consistency in parts
**Ability to handle very large to small machine parts
**Lowest unit costs on production runs in area
**No delivery charges
**Favorable purchasing incentives
**Same day on-site support for inspection and receiving questions

R & D is an emerging and very aggresive modern machining facility with the technical expertise and in-house capabilities to design and build:
*Simple to complex tooling and fixtures*
*Open cast molds for prototyping and short run production*
*Silicon molds for filled and unfilled resins*
*Coils and transformers, along with vacuum impregnation and baking*

R & D recognizes industries need for lower costs, faster operation, and consistent quality. We are confident that we can fulfill your production and prototyping needs with superior price and delivery. An opportunity to quote on a set of parts would help you accurately evaluate our dedication to this philosophy.

Visit the link below to see us on the JobShop Technology web site or grab the March 2000 issue of JobShop Technology and turn to page 111 to view our ad, or page 113 to read about us in "Industry News".