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Red welcomes you to the Tool Room

Our Tool Room includes:

Logan 12x36 lathe, variable speed 40-1400 rpm, thread cutting 8-to224 tpi, 3 jaw and 4 jaw chucks steady rest and tooling
Cummins heavy duty drill press with tilt-swivel table
Viking 60,00 lb hydraulic press
1/2 Ton arbor press
3 Ton arbor press
30x50 plate top layout table (for assembly of large jigs-fixtures ECT.)
18 inch heavy duty rotary table with t-slots and 4-jaw chuck
High speed bench drill for small hole work
Dumore die grinder
8" pedestal grinder
6" bench grinder
5-c collet vertical/horizontal indexer
5-c collet horizontal spacer with tailstock for shaft work
24x24 cast iron toolmakers flat
3.5" 4 hole Boring and facing head with bars and accessories
00-3/4" Die heads
4x6-horizontal band saw
Hendey 16x54 engine lathe with taper attachment.